atelier jaku

atelier jaku . . . 

. . . was founded in Tokyo in 2013 by
Canadian composer Daryl Jamieson to perform chamber music and music theatre works which are concerned with ideas beyond the purely musical. 
. . . is named after the Japanese word jaku (
), connoting silence, depth, antiquity, decay, and solitude.
. . . programmes works which engage with the transcendent and sublime in the context of the real world, which ground our lived experience in the absolute – works which are socially, spiritually, or politically engaged.
. . . produces events in intimate venues with resonant histories: in small concert halls which connect performers and audiences and antique tea houses which overlook gardens and connect music with nature.
. . . is progressively post-modern, reflective of the entirety of music history, and building on the great achievements of the post-war avant-garde while plying a different aesthetic path.
. . . is intercultural and collaborative, encompassing artistic practices from Asian, European, and North American traditions.
Other videos and audio available in Past Events.